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Do & Don't in print design
Aviod the "Don't" ensure The "Do", Please read carefully before proceeding Printing.

Don't forget to design according your actual paper size.
Always make sure your artwork is always on a correct proportion, avoid distortion of your artwork by selecting correct paper size setting for your artwork before a design is started. Always be remembered an image is not allow to be enlarge from its original size as a result it caused image pixelation(wiki info), image pixelation and distorted artwork will affect the printing quality.

Don't forget to Send Us Your Fonts file
Always Send us your fonts file with your artwork by giving it a chance of amendments with your preffered fonts in future publishing and skipping unnecessary process to provide you our promises. For step by step tutorial video click here.

Don't use low resolution images.
Always use a high quality image, low resolution images look blurry and unprofessional when printed. Save photos at a minimum of 300 dpi / 5 Megapixel / 2560 x 1920 or higher the better for clearer prints.

Do remember always use CMYK color as primary printing color.
In order to print properly, any image files that you supply for printing must be in CMYK mode. RGB files will look good on screen, and they will even look good when printed on many of the desktop color printers on the market today. However, they will not separate properly when made into film, and the resulting full printing job will not look the way you expect it to look.

Do remember convert all your fonts on your artwork into curve/outline.
Converting fonts to curve/outline with your design on your artwork will avoid unreadable fonts occuring after artwork sent to us. To convert the fonts there are "convert to curve" features with corel draw and "create outline" with adobe illustrator.

Do include a page bleed. (For Graphic Designers Only)
Your brochure needs a page bleed on each page where the color continues off the page to account for shifts in the cutting of your brochures at the printer. Brochures are printed in large sheets and then later cut into single units. The cutting blade often shifts just slightly, so if you don't have a page bleed, you could end up with brochures with white edges. If you're designing your own brochure, software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw all have a page bleed setting. It's best to have a 5mm page bleed. That should be enough to cover any blade shifts
Payment Information
For direct bank-in/ e-Banking, please find our Bank details as follow:
Receiving Bank: Public Bank Berhad
Beneficiary Name: Exotic Printer Sdn Bhd
Beneficiary Account Number: 3400-260-110
Exotic Printer Sdn Bhd
No.16, Solo Sungai Pinang 5, 11600 Penang.
Tel: 604-280 4469
Mobile: 013-477 1047
Please email us ( the bank-in & remittance slip with the quotation number once payment is made.
Your printing will not be proceed until the cheque cleared.